Santa Ne Delhi Se Apni Wife Ko Chandigarh Phone Kiya To Naukar Ne Phone Uthaya.

    Santa: Madam Se Baat Karvao Meri.

    Naukar: Wo Toh Sahab Ke Saath Apne Kamre Mein Mauj-Masti Kar Rahi Hai.

    Santa: Hain!!! Par Saab Toh Main Hoon.

    Naukar: Achcha!!!Toh Phir Mein Kya Karoon.

    Santa: Dono Ko Jaake Goli Maar De.

    After Killing
    Naukar: Ab Dead Bodies Ka Kya Karun?

    Santa: Ghar Ke Peeche Jo Swimming Pool Hai Usmein Laashein Phenk De Aur Bhaag Ja.

    Naukar: Par Hamare Ghar Mein To Swimming Pool Hai Hi Nahi.

    Santa: Oh Tuhadi Phen Di, Eh Taan Wrong Number Si.
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