In a poor zoo in India, a lion was offered not more than 1 kg of meat a day.

    The lion thought that its prayers were answered when one day a USA zoo manager visited the zoo and requested the zoo management to shift the lion to USA.

    The lion was so happy and started thinking of a central A/C environment, a goat or two every day.

    On its first day after arrival, the lion was offered a big bag sealed very nicely, for breakfast. The lion opened it quickly but was shocked to see that it contained a few bananas and some boiled vegetables.

    The lion thought that may be they cared too much for him and were worried about his stomach, as he had been recently shifted from India.

    The next day the same thing happened. On the third day again the same food - a bag of bananas, was delivered.

    The lion was furious ; it stopped the delivery boy and blasted him, "Don't you know that I am the Lion - King of the Jungle ? What's wrong with your management ? Why are you delivering bananas and boiled vegetables to me daily ?"

    The delivery boy politely said, "Sir I know you are the King of the Jungle... But you have been brought here on a monkey's visa !!!!"

    Moral of the story: To all the H1B visa aspirants.... Better to be a lion in India than a monkey elsewhere.
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