Girl : Hello Control Tower, This Is Flight 365, We Have a Problem.

    Control Tower: Kya Problm Hai Boliye?

    Girl: Kuch Nahi.

    Control Tower: Please, Apni Bataiye Problem.

    Girl: Nahi Rehne Dijiye.

    Control Tower: Pleassseeeee Bataiyye.

    Girl: Nothing... I am Fine, Aap Nahi Samajh Sakte.

    Control Tower: Arrey Boliye Mada, Kya Problem Hai.

    Girl: Bass Akela Rehne Do Mujhe.

    Control Tower: Arrey Diwaani Ladki, 200 Passengers Hai Uss Plane Mein.

    Girl: Haan Meri Toh Koi Parwa Hi Nai. Unn 200 Ki Hai Parwa Bas. Mujhe Nahi Ksrni Baat.
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