Pati: Arey Kya Hua, Hamare Ghar Ke Bahar Ye Itni Bheed Kyun Hai...

    Patni: Kuch Nahin, Maine Padosiyon Se Kaha Ki Aaj Hamare Damad Aa Rahe Hain Mumbai Se.

    Pati: Hain!!! Hamare Damad Ke Aane Se Inka Kya Lena-Dena? Inhone Kyun Bheed Laga Rakhi Hai?

    Ptni: Vo Ji... Darasal Aajkal English Main Seekh Rahi Hun Na, Isliye Maine Ye Baat In Sab Se English Mein Kahi Hai.

    Pati: Kya Kaha Tumne English Mein???

    Patni: Maine Kaha Ki Aaj Hamare Ghar Sunny Leone Aa Rahe Hain.

    Pati: Bhagwan Ke Liya Band Karo Apni Ye Angrezi... Vo Sunny Leone Nahin Son-In-Law Hota Hai.
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