In a small rural town the local doctor is known for his abrupt bed-side manners. His last appointment for the Friday afternoon shows up a bit late, and he is more agitated than normally.

    "Yeah, you're late sit down and speak up!" he greets the woman.

    "Doctor, I'm having difficulty falling pregnant, I've been trying for years and to no success."

    The doctor doesn't look up and says, "Good get rid of the clothes and go lie on the examination table, and be quick about it. I'm in a hurry."

    So the woman walks over to the bed and as she was undressing she slowly and very unsurely says, "Doctor, I actually would have preferred the baby to be my husband's."
  • Mile High Club A couple is on a plane in the middle of the night, and it is dark and quiet. The woman says to her husband, "Let`s have sex right here!"
    "Are you crazy?" the husband replies, "People will hear and see us...
  • A Hole in One Three men went out on Sunday to play some golf. On the fourth hole, Fred chipped a shot into the rough. "You all play on ahead," he insisted. "I`ll catch up with you."
    Off they went, but after half an hour had gone by...
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  • No More Pain, No More Menstruation During church service, this 16-year old pastor`s daughter stood up and said, "Praise the Lord!"
    Everybody shouted with joy, "Hallelujah!"
    She continued, "Since the age of 13...