Two Italian friends are talking to each other one evening.

    Roberto says, "Tell me Geno, in all honesty, what do you think of a woman with a growth of black hair under her nose?"

    Geno replies, "Hell no, I would never be turned on by a woman like that."

    Roberto says, "OK, so tell me, what about a woman with big black hairs growing under her arms?"

    Geno says, "For Pete's sake what are you talking about? I couldn't even have anything to do with a woman like that."

    Roberto says, "OK but let me ask you another question. What about a woman with long black hairs growing on her legs, never shaves her legs?"

    Geno replies, "Come on man give me a break, I would never get into bed with a woman like that."

    Roberto says, "OK so answer me one last question, if all you say is true, why the hell are you seeing my wife?!!!"
  • The Toughest Test "I`ve just had the most awful time," said a boy to his friends.
    "First I got Angina Pectoris, then Arteriosclerosis. Just as I was recovering, I got Psoriasis. They gave me Hypodermics, and to top it all...
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  • Look At My Abs! After Doing 50 Pushups Goldie was checking himself out in front of the Mirror.
    He proudly asked his Wife, "Dekhe Mere Abs???"
    She replied, "Haahn, Dekh Rahi Hun...