1. Laxman to Seeta: Stay offline.

    2. Mayawati ctrl+all+dalit

    3. My watch is stuck between 2 and 2:30; it's a do or dhai situation.

    4. Vishwanathan Anand gets tense when the waiter asks, 'Check de doon'.

    5. A potato was grilled by cops; after two hours of torture, it gave in, 'Main Batata hun, main Batata hun...'

    6. A well-executed theft without any fingerprints is a stainless steal.

    7. Sita after seeing Hanuman in Lanka for the first time, 'Yahoo! Messenger'

    8. Friends pay food bills on a de-tu-de basis.

    9. 'I laughed yesterday' in Hindi, 'Michael Hussey'

    10. An old lady asked me the way to the temple; I replied, 'Magistrate'

    11. Rahul Dravid's wristwatch is technically a wall clock.

    13. Toll Booths are nothing but Bill Gates.

    14. The way to the cemetery, 'Go straight and take the last rite.'
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