A guy thought his wife was cheating on him. So he waited for her to leave that night and jumped in a cab to follow her. By following her he found out she was working in a 'fun house'.

    The guy says to the cabbie, "Wanna make a $ 100?"

    The cabbie says, "Sure, what do I have to do?"

    The guy replied that all the cabbie has to do was go inside the 'fun house' and grab his wife and put her in the back of the cab and take them home.

    So the cabbie goes in.

    A couple of minutes later the whore house gets kicked open, and the cabbie is dragging this woman out who is kicking, biting, punching, and fighting all the way to the cab.

    The cabbie opens the door to the cab, throws the girl inside, and tells the man, "Here hold her!!"

    The man looks down at the girl and says to the cabbie, "THIS AIN'T MY WIFE".

    The cabbie replied, "I KNOW, IT'S MINE; I'M GOING BACK IN FOR YOURS!!"
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