3 Log Swarg Ke Dwar Per Khade The.

    GOD: Sirf 1 Hi Andar Aayega...

    1st: Mai Pujari Tha. Saari Umar Aapki Sewa Ki Hai.

    2nd: Mai Doctor Tha. Saari Umar Logo Ki Swa Ki Hai.

    3rd: Mai Toh College Mein Assistant Professor Tha, Aur Maine Teaching Ke Sath,
    Attendance record,
    Defaulter lists,
    Official work,
    Administrative work,
    Social work,
    Counselling to students at the time of admission,
    Group discussions,
    Entrepreneurship cell.
    Valuation Toh Hamari University Mein Lagbhag Pure Saal Chalta Hai.
    Practical exams,
    External and Internal examiner,
    College magazine Aur newsletter,
    NAAC accreditation,
    Research Aur publication,
    Guiding students for M.Sc projects, M.Phil and Ph.D
    NSS/NCC/Scout guide activities,
    Student projects,
    Paper presentations,
    Intra college events, Seminars,
    Organizing conferences,
    Attending conferences,
    Short term training programs,
    Faculty Development programs,
    Admission Round duty,
    Term work,
    Paper Checking in college,
    Paper setting in college,
    Paper settings for university exams,
    Result analysis,
    Remedial classes,
    Student Clubs,
    Guest lectures,
    Annual sports,
    Traditional day,
    Annual gathering,
    Freshers party,
    Farewell party,
    Youth festival,
    Inter Collegiate & Inter Univ. Sports competitions,
    Patents meet,
    International Research Papers,
    Publishing Books,
    API score calculation,
    Training & Placement,
    Organizing Alumni meet,
    Staff meetings,
    Conducting Bridge courses,
    Documentation for various inspection Committees,
    Internal marks calculation,
    Creating Syllabus & Curriculum scheme,
    Board of Studies meetings,
    Preparing BOS exam panels,
    Other university meetings,
    Other college meetings,
    Academic council meetings,
    Examination committee meetings,
    Aur....... 2 to 8 hrs per week stay after working hrs,
    AUR..... Loksabha election duty, Assembly election duty, NMC election duty, Census duty Aur........

    GOD: Bas Kar Pagle! Ab rulayega kya? Tune to Narak Yatnaye Dharti par hi lee hai... Chal Andar Aajaa...!


    Salute to all Professors and all teaching community.
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