Paddy decided to go rabbit hunting, but when he got to his favorite field, he saw the village priest was already there.

    Paddy watched with fascination as the priest held his finger over the rabbit hole, and immediately a rabbit popped out. The priest grabbed it and put it into a sack.

    He repeated this unusual but very successful technique until his sack was full of rabbits.

    Paddy stopped the priest and asked him how he did it.

    "Easy," said the priest. "Stick your finger in your wife's pussy and wiggle it around a bit. When you hold your finger over a rabbit hole, they can't resist the smell. When they pop their heads out, you grab them."

    Paddy rushed home to find his wife bent over scrubbing the floor. He lifted up her skirt and applied his finger as directed.

    Without looking up, Paddy's wife giggled, "Holy Moses, Father! Rabbit hunting again?"
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