Girl: Hello control tower, this is flight 365 we have a problem.

    Control Tower: What is the problem.

    Girl: Kuch Nahin!

    Control Tower: Please bataiye problem Kya Hai.

    Girl: Nai Rehne Dijiye. I will Handle somehow.

    Control Tower: Please Tell Us The Problem Now!

    Girl: Nothing I am Fine, Aap Nai Samaj Sakte.

    Control Tower: Arrey Boliye Bhi Kya Problem Hai!!!
    Girl: Bass Akela Rehnay Dein Mujhe. Aap Se Kuch Bhi Kehna Bekaar Hai.

    Control Tower: Arrey Diwaani Aurat, 200 Passengers Hai Uss Plane Mein!

    Girl: Haa Meri Toh Koi Fikr Hi Nahin, Un 200 Ki Parwa Hai Bas. Mujhe Nai Karni Koi Baat...!!!
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