A guy is walking down the street, and he's really horny. So he goes to the first whore house he sees. He only has five dollars, so they kick him out.

    The guy goes to the next one. But, since he only has five dollars, he gets kicked out again.

    So by this time, he's really super horny, so he goes to the next one and says "Look, I only have five dollars. I'm really horny, and I need a blow-job for 5 dollars!"

    The guy there says "OK. For five dollars, we can give you a penguin."

    "What's a penguin?"

    "You'll see."

    So, the guy takes the $5 and leads the horny man to a bedroom. The horny man unzips his pants, and waits for his "Penguin."

    Soon, a whore comes in and starts giving the guy a blow job. Just as he's about to let loose, she stops and walks away.

    Now, the horny guy with his pants at his ankles, waddles after her, shouting "HEY! WHAT'S A PENGUIN?!"

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