Two old Jewish men waking down the street and they see a sign in front of a church: Become a Christian today! Earn $100!

    So the one guy Abe, says, "100 bucks. hmmm. I think I'll do it. I could use the money."

    His friend Izzy says, "How could you do that ? You're a Jew. You been one all your life."

    Abe says, "So what. It's just a label. I'm doing it!"

    And he walks across the street and into the church. He returns 20 minutes later and Izzy says, "So did you do it?"

    Abe says, "Yup. I'm a Christian."

    And izzy asks, "Well did they give you the hundred dollars?"

    To which Abe shakes his head in disgust and says, "That's the trouble with you Jews. All you think about is money!"
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