A lady marched into the doctors office with a tiny miserable baby that was howling at the top of its lungs and demanded, "Do something about this baby."

    After a quick examination, the doctor realized the baby was malnourished.

    "He's obviously not getting enough milk," he said sternly, "is he being breast fed?"

    "Yes," replied the lady.

    "Then the milk supply isn't adequate. Please take your blouse off."

    The woman obliged, and the doctor proceeded to give her a very thorough breast exam, kneading, rubbing, massaging, and sucking each breast at some length.

    Finally, perplexed, he announced that he could see why there was a problem. "You aren't producing any milk at all."

    "Of course not," she responded. "It's my sister's kid."

    "Why on earth did you come?" asked the doctor in amazement.

    "I didn't," she replied, "until you started sucking on the other tit."
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