Jethro walks all the way into town to get a physical.

    The doctor hands him a specimen cup and says, "I need a urine sample."

    Jethro goes into the bathroom, but can't pee.

    He comes back out and says, "Doc, I done got me a bladder problem."

    The doctor says, "Don't worry, that's a common problem. Go home, drink lots of fluids, and bring me the sample in the morning."

    Jethro goes back to the farm and downs a whole case of beer. Then, after he fills the small specimen bottle, he grabs an old goldfish bowl from the front porch and fills it to the brim. The next morning, Jethro goes into the doctor's office with his specimen.

    The doctor says, "Jesus! Did you walk all the way here carrying that big bowl of urine?"

    Jethro says, "Hell, no. Today I done took the bus."
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