There was an athlete who wanted to accept a scholarship to a well-known college. To be awarded it, however, he had to pass a physical, since it was an athletic scholarship.

    When Tim found out about the scholarship, he called his friends all to come over to his house to help him celebrate. They got plastered, and several of the friends had "donated" marijuana.

    The next morning, realizing that he would be asked to provide a urine sample, he knew the marijuana would show up in it. He had a brainstorm!!!
    Calling his girlfriend on the phone, he said, "Hey, Patti I need a favor. Can you give me a small jar of urine? I'll need it for the physical tomorrow, and we kinda let things go here."

    Patti agreed, and within an hour, she came over, carrying a small mayo jar of urine.

    Tim thanked her, and he proceeded to take the "sample" to the college physical with him the next day. When the doctor asked him for a sample, he went into the restroom, and poured the urine Patti had given him into the vial.

    All was fine -- he thought!!!

    Two days later, the Athletic Director at the college called Tim, and said, "I'm afraid we have to withdraw the scholarship offer."

    "WHY?" asked Tim.

    "We just cannot have a pregnant man on our football team!" said the Athletic Director.
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