A well-traveled man walks into a bar and tells the bartender, "For $50, you can mix any cocktail you want without my knowledge and I can tell you the ingredients!"

    The bartender takes up the challenge and mixes up an odd combination.

    The man takes a sip and says, "I taste vanilla vodka, canadian whiskey, and diet coke."

    The bartender is astonished, "You're right."

    He makes another.

    "This drink," says the man, "contains Puerto Rican rum, Tab, Dr. Pepper, and gin."

    Again, the bartender is amazed at the man's ability. This goes on for a few more rounds and the bartender has lost a good bit of money. He decides to stump the man.

    "If I can make a cocktail you can't identify, you have to pay back all the money I've already given you."

    The man agrees and laughs.

    The bartender pours a glass of tap water and gives it to the man.

    "By golly, you've done it! I have no idea what this is. I can tell you one thing though: whatever it is, it won't sell!
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