A 19 year old lad has been dating a 17 year old girl for a few months. They've been to the pictures and return to her home where she lives with her father, mother having passed on several years previously.

    They settle down to amuse themselves on the sofa in the sitting room, whilst the old man watches telly in the back room.

    Now the girl is a good example, and looks after her Dad: she in turn is the apple of his eye. So naturally, he's worried sick about her well being and eventually just has to break off from watching Panorama to knock gently on the living room door.

    The girl opens it.

    "Hi Sue, you couldn't make me a cup of tea, could you?"

    "Course I can Dad," she replies, and trots off into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

    Meanwhile, the old man sits down on the sofa with the lad to have a word.

    "Look, son," he says. "I remember when I was your age, pulling the birds and trying my luck. Thing is, I'm worried about our Sue."

    "Why, what's up with her?" replies the lad.

    "Well, I shouldn't really tell you, but she's got acute angina."

    "Oh, I know..." says the lad. "... great pair of tits too!"
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