In a unit gathering, the commanding officer cracked a joke. Everybody laughed except the young Lieutenant.

    Commanding officer to Lieutenant: I think you didn't get the joke.

    Lieutenant: Sir I am from a different unit.

    Second half of the joke:
    CO: Oh ! But you know what? Your CO is my Course mate and my Sqn Type.

    Lieutenant: Ha.... Ha..... Ha..... Ha.... Now I got the joke Sir. Ha.... Ha....

    Third part of the joke:
    Youngster: Sir I had already heard the joke at Corps Commander's party that is why I didn't laugh!!

    CO: What? What were you doing there???

    Youngster: He's my uncle, sir!!!

    CO: Arrey Bhai Koi Drink Toh Pilao Guest Ko!!!

    And for the rest of the evening CO laughed on youngster's jokes!!!!
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