On the eve of the marketing campaign for his new invention, Apple president Steve Jobs was discussing it with his top associate. Steve was just finishing up a rundown of the iPad's features when he noticed a look of concern on the associate's face.

    "What's wrong?" Steve asked.

    "It's the name, iPad," the associate hesitantly said.

    "What about the name?" Steve asked.

    "It... well," the associate stammered out, "It kind of sounds like a feminine hygiene product."

    "What?" Steve wailed, "You think it sounds like a feminine hygiene product? That's ridiculous! It does not sound like a feminine hygiene product! The name starts with an 'i'! It sounds like a computer! Don't be stupid!"

    "I'm sorry," said the associate, shrinking back a little.

    "Oh, OK, don't worry about it," Steve said. "Now, listen. Marketing," he continued. "I've come to the conclusion that the price tag of my iPad is out of many people's price range, so I've decided to offer a smaller version for a cheaper price."

    "That's good," said the associate. "So you'll have two versions - a smaller one and a larger one. What will they be called?"

    Steve replied, "The smaller version will be called the Mini iPad and the larger version will be called the Maxi iPad."
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