A seafood restaurant had a sign in the window that read, "Big Lobster Tales, $5 each."

    Amazed at the great value, a man stopped in and asked the waitress, "Five dollars each for lobster tails. Is that correct?"

    "Yes," she said. "It's our special just for today."

    "Well," he said, "They must be little lobster tails."

    "No," she replied, "It's the really big lobster."

    "Big red lobster tails, $5 each"? he said, amazed. "They must be old lobster tails!"

    "No, they're definitely today's."

    "Today's big red lobster tails, $5 each?" he repeated, astounded.
    "Yes," she insisted.

    "Well, here's my five dollars," he said. "I'll take one."

    She took the money and led him to a table where she invited him to sit down. She then sat down next to him, put her hand on his shoulder, leaned over close to him and said, "Once upon a time, there was a really big, red lobster..."
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