Punjabi is now the third language in Canada's Parliament. However, BC continues to stand for British Columbia.

    Canada govt has introduced A Crash Course in Pinglish: (Punjabi English):

    Mint - 1/60th of an hour

    Skint - 1/60th of a minute

    Seetan - many seats

    Tict - what you need to buy to watch a show alone

    Tictan - what you need to buy to watch a show with family

    Puls - law enforcement officers

    Skoorty - what Puls is supposed to provide

    Occayyun - Event, incident

    Maiyr - To determine, to measure

    Pokt - the place where you keep things in your dress

    Cloony - The housing society where you stay

    Boot - men's footwear of all types

    Tolt - Lavatory

    Sport - assistance, cooperation

    Kaneeda - Canada

    Amreeka - America
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