Never under estimate the Importance of the BRA

    Q: Striped BRA?

    Q: Poisonous BRA?

    Q: Mathematical BRA?

    Q: Sunsign BRA?

    Q: Magical BRA?
    Aa*BRA* ka da*BRA*

    Q: Religious BRA?

    Q: Metallic bra?

    Q: Anjelina Jolie's Bra?
    *BRA*d Pitt

    Q: Botany BRA?

    Q: Marketing BRA?

    Q: Punctuation bra?

    Q: Scary bra?

    Q: Room full of BRA's?

    Q: Alchohlic bra?

    Q: Surname bra?

    Q: Country bra?

    Q: Bra which became the American President and inspired the whole world?
    A*BRA*ham Lincoln!

    How *BRA*inless"

    Don't laugh alone share it with friends, Braless, or with Bra.
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