Little Johnny's father had a brown cow and a white cow and he wanted to get them bred, so he borrowed his neighbor's bull and turned it loose in the pasture. He told Johnny to watch and come in and tell him when the bull was finished.

    "Yeah daddy," said little Johnny.

    After a while little Johnny came into the living room where his father was talking with some friends.

    "Say, Pop," said little Johnny. "Yes," replied his father. "The bull just fucked the brown cow."

    There was a sudden lull in the conversation. The father said "Excuse me" and took little Johnny outside.

    "Son, you mustn't use language like that in front of company. You should say 'The bull surprised the brown cow'. Now go and watch and tell me when the bull surprises the white cow."

    The father went back inside the house.

    After a while little Johnny came in and said, "Hey, Dad." "Yes, son. Did the bull surprise the white cow?"

    "He sure did, Pop! He fucked the brown cow again!"
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