A drunken man staggers in to a Catholic church and wanders over to the confessional box. He opens the door, sits down and says nothing. The bewildered priest waits for a few minutes, allowing the drunken man some time to collect his thoughts. Growing impatient, the priest coughs to attract his attention, but still the man says nothing. The priest then knocks on the wall three times in a final attempt to get the man to speak.
    Finally, the drunk replies: "No use knockin mate, there`s no toiletpaper in this one either."
  • Time left... A man goes to his doctor for a complete checkup. He hasn`t been feeling well and wants to find out if he`s ill. After the checkup, the doctor comes out with the results of the examination.
    'I`m afraid I have some bad news. You`re...
  • Responsible? Two weeks after Santa is transfer into the promotion department, his old boss got a phone call.
    'You told me Santa was responsible...
  • Food for thought ? Raabri was worried whether or not Laloo upon his death made it to heaven, so she decided to try to contact his spirit by having a seance. Sure enough, after the usual mumbo-jumbo of calling to the spirits, Laloo`s voice was heard answering...
  • Goodbye ! A young man was walking through a grocery and general store to pick up a few things when he noticed an old lady following him around. Thinking nothing of it, he ignored her and continued on. Finally he went to the checkout line, but she got in front of him.
    'Pardon me,' she said, 'I m sorry if my staring at you has made you feel...
  • True Software Pro... Here`s a conversation of a software professional and his wife
    Husband is a Software Professional!!
    Husband : Good evening dear, I am now logged in.
    Wife : Have you brought the ring?
    Husband : Bad command or File name...