Children of now a days are so spoilt that they don't even know that in our days you could be beaten for any of the following reasons:

    1. Crying after being beaten.

    2. Not crying after being beaten.

    3. Crying without being beaten.

    4. Standing while the elders were seated.

    5. Sitting while the elders were standing.

    6. Walking around aimlessly where the elders were seated.

    7. Replying back to an elder.

    8. Not replying back to an elder.

    9. Spending too much time without being beaten.

    10. Singing after being admonished.

    11. Not greeting visitors.

    12. Eating food prepared for the visitors.

    13. Crying to go with the visitors when the visitors were leaving.

    14. Refusing to eat.

    15. Coming back home after sunset.

    16. Eating at the neighbour's home.

    17. Generally being moody.

    18. Generally being too excited.

    19. Fighting with your age mate and losing.

    20. Fighting with your age mate and winning.

    21. Eating too slowly.

    22. Eating too quickly.

    23. Eating too much.

    24. Sleeping while the elders had already woken up.

    25. Looking at the visitors while they were eating.

    26.Stumbling and falling when walking.

    27. Looking at an elder eye ball to eye ball.

    28. When an elder was talking to you and you blinked your eye.

    29. When an elder was talking to you and you stirred without blinking.

    30. When you looked at an elder with a corner eye.

    31. When your mates were playing Street football and you joined them to play.
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