American Interviewer: So what's your email ID ?

    Indian Candidate: Sir, iamanindian@gmail.com

    American: And password ?

    Indian Candidate: 12345678

    American Interviewer: You are so dumb. You shared such a confidential information so easily for the Job. How can we trust that you will not share any confidential information of the company for some better Offers ?

    Indian Candidate: Sir, I might have shared my password with you but I don't think you can still login to my email account. Let's look for the possibilities. My Password can be 12345678





    1twothreefourfivesixseven8....... so on.....


    2444666668888888 (one 2, three 4s, five 6s seven 8s)

    13355557777778 (1, two 3s, four 5s, six 7s and 8)


    Combination of all of these ........

    By the way, did I mention use of capitals ?

    American Interviewer: How much will you you take boss ?

    Indian: I refuse to accept your offer Sir ! Becoz I don't want to work under dumb people.
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