She was beautiful, blonde and buxom - a perfect specimen of womanhood - with a small baby in her arms. He was in his first day in private practice, eager to show he knew all about everything.

    "What's seems to be the problem?", he asked in his best medical manner.

    "It's the baby", she said, "He seems under-nourished."

    Earnestly the doctor carried out an extensive examination of the baby and then asked, "Is he breast-fed?" "Yes doctor, he is", she replied.

    "Will you strip off to the waist now, please?" the doctor said.

    The young woman looked at the doctor somewhat anxiously, and began to protest. "But doctor... "

    The doctor simply brushed her protestations aside by saying, "it is better to look at everything... so if you wouldn't mind?"

    Blushing with embarrassment, she took off her blouse and bra, revealing a perfect pair of large, firm breasts. The young doctor professionally weighed each one in his hands, stroked them forward and back, and then gently flicked each nipple in turn for a few moments, finally lightly squeezing them between his fingers and thumb.

    Ah!", he said, as his face broke into a knowing smile. "That's the problem, you do not have one little bit of milk!"

    "Oh doctor, that's not the problem", she replied, "I'm just the baby-sitter - but it sure has been a REAL pleasure meeting you!"
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