One day, two girls from Georgia were sitting on their front porch swing. One of them had just gotten back from the big city of New York and was telling her friend all about it.

    She starts, "You know," with a heavy southern drawl, "they have women up there who have sex with other women."

    Her friend gasps, and replies, "Oh, do tell! What do they call them?"

    "They call them lesbians," the first girl tells her.

    "And they have men who have sex with other men."

    Her friend gasps once again, and says, "Oh, do tell! What do they call them?"

    The first girl says, "They call them homosexuals."

    The first girl looks around to make sure no one is looking and whispers to her friend, "And you know... They have these men... Who'll put their face in a woman's private parts... And kinda lick around and do stuff with their tongue..."

    The friend gasps once again and whispers back, "Oh, do tell... What do they call them??"

    After looking around once again to make sure no one is listening, she whispers back, "I don't know... I just patted mine on the head... and called him 'Precious'."
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