There was a student who wanted to be admitted to the University.

    He was smart enough to get through the written test, a GED, and was to appear for the personal interview. Later, as the interview progressed, the interviewer found this boy to be bright since he could answer all the questions correctly. The interviewer got impatient and decided to corner the boy.

    "Tell me your choice," said he to the boy, "What's your choice? I shall either ask you ten easy questions or one real difficult. Think well before you make up your mind."

    The boy thought for a while and said, "My choice is one real difficult question."

    "Well, good luck to you, you have made your own choice!" said the man on the opposite side. Tell me: What comes first, Day or Night?"

    The boy was jolted first but he waited for a while and said, "It's the Day, sir."

    Thinking to himself ("At last, I got you!"), the interviewer smiled and said, "How???"

    "Sorry sir, you promised me that you would ask me ONLY ONE difficult question!"

    The student was admitted to the University.
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