The poor little rich girl awoke after a long night out on the town with her friends. She found herself totally naked and with a monster of a hangover, so she rang for her butler and ordered a strong cup of black coffee.

    When he delivered it, she said, "Jeeves, I can't remember a thing about last night. How did I get to bed?"

    "I carried you upstairs, Ma'am, and put you to bed."

    "But my dress?"

    "It seemed a pity to crumple it, so I removed it and hung it in your closet."

    "But what about my underwear?"

    "I feared the elastic might limit your circulation, so I took the liberty of removing them."

    "What a night!" she sighed. "I must have been tight!"

    "Only the first time, Ma'am!"
  • The Sex Shop An elderly woman wobbled her way into a sex shop, approached the counter and, holding on to it for support, she asked the clerk, "Dddooo youuuu ssssssell dddddiilllldosss?"
    Trying hard not to break out laughing, the clerk replied...
  • Changes in Sexuality One day a father and his ten-year-old son were on the bus, when the boy noticed a redhead with huge breasts... "Hey Pop," the son cried, "look at those boobs!"
    The father, a religious man proceeded to send the boy to...
  • Work or Pleasure? The Commanding Officer of a U.S. Marine Corps regiment was waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, so he decided to kill a little time by asking all assembled a question. "How much of sex is work...
  • Low Self Esteem A man walked into a therapist`s office looking very depressed.

    "Doc, you`ve got to help me. I can`t go on like this."

    "What`s the problem?" the doctor inquired.

    "Well, I`m 35 years old and I still have...
  • Terrible Lover! The wife appeared before the judge and said, "I want a divorce."
    The judge said, "Why do you want a divorce?"
    "Because my husband is a terrible lover...