Josh lusted after Linda. When she finally agreed to go out with him, he took her out to dinner and then afterwards, drove her five miles out into the country, parked, and said passionately, "I want you right here, right now. Do it... or you can walk home!"

    Without saying a word, Linda got out of the car and walked home.

    A month later, after much apologizing, Linda agreed to go out with Josh again.

    This time he drove ten miles out in the country, parked, and begged, "Please. I must make love to you right now. Do it... or walk home!"

    Again, Linda walked home.

    Two months later, after even more apologizing and gifts of flowers and jewelry, she accepted another invitation.

    This time, just to make sure, Josh drove fifty miles out of town and gave her the same ultimatum. Without a word, Linda undressed and gave him the greatest sex of his young life.

    As they were driving home, Josh asked, "Why did you walk home the first two dates, when you so obviously enjoy sex?"

    Linda answered, "Well, it's like this: I'll walk five miles or even ten miles to save a friend from gonorrhea, but fiftymile...."
  • Screw or Twist? In the Spring of 1957, Bobby, a real cool cat with his own wheels, went to pick up his date. "Carrie`s not ready yet, Bobby. Why don`t you have a seat?" says her dad.

    "Okay," says Bobby...
  • The Perfect Penis Little Johnny and Mary were playing in the backyard when Mary asked, "Johnny, what`s a penis?"
    "I don`t know," replied Little Johnny, "but I`ll ask my dad...
  • Confessing To Extramarital Affairs There are two guys walking in front of a large church. One guy says to the other, "Just a minute, I`ll be right back."
    He goes into the confessional and says, "Father forgive me
  • Mongolian VD While in China, a man is very sexually promiscuous and does not use a condom all the time. A week after arriving back home in the States, he awakes one morning to find his penis covered with bright green and purple spots...
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    His friend informs the police and the student is arrested and questioned for 3 days. His entire family and social circle...