St. Peter asks the Jewish man why he deserves to be in Heaven.

    He replies, "I've been a pious Jew all my life, attended synagogue every Saturday, and I raised a lot of money for Jewish causes."

    "And what is your wife's name?" asks St. Peter.

    "Penny," the man replies.

    "Penny?!" shouts St. Peter. "You Jews are all alike. Money, money, money. You even married a woman whose name has to do with money! Get out of my sight! You are damned to Hell!"

    Then St. Peter asks the Irishman why he deserves to be in Heaven.

    "I've been a devout Catholic all my life, attended church every Sunday, given generously to the church, and always took wafers and wine at communion." "And what's your wife's name?"


    "Brandy?!! You Irish are all alike. Drink, drink, drink. You even married a woman whose name is a type of alcohol. Get out of my sight! You are damned to Hell!"

    With that, the Greek man turns to his wife and says, "Come on, Fanny, let's get out of here."
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