Newly married Alan goes to meet Father George.

    He greets the priest and says, "Father, I need to talk to you."

    The Priest asks, "Is it a confession, my son ?"

    Alan replies, "No, Father! I need to clarify something."

    The Priest takes Alan to his private chamber and says, "Tell me, Alan. What is it ?"

    Alan asks, "Father, why do the kindest of girls begin their quest to change men after marriage ?"

    The Priest smiles and replied, "Alan, my son, as the bride walks down the long aisle, her brain registers three stimulii. The altar, the choir and the sound of the hymn being sung.
    Aisle, altar, and hymn.
    She becomes mesmerized.
    Aisle, altar, hymn.
    Aisle, altar, hymn.
    Aisle, altar, hymn.

    And finally, as she stops beside the groom, she is already saying to herself - I'LL ALTER HIM."
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