A Frenchwoman took her young daughter to the Louvre. As they stood before a statue of a nude male, the child pointed at its penis and asked, "Mama, what's that?"

    "Oh, nothing, Cherie."

    "I want one," said the child. The mother tried to focus her daughter's attention on a more suitable subject, but the little girl persisted.

    "I want one. I want one like that one," she kept repeating.

    Finally, her mother said, "If you're a good girl and stop talking about it now, I promise you that when grow up, you will have one."

    "And if I'm bad?"

    Her mother sighed. "Then you will have many!"
  • Help With Counting Money Patel: Remove your clothes.
    Wife: Why Remove my clothes?
    Patel: Just do and come beside me on the bed.
    Wife: Okay they are off...
  • Eye Colour A man was talking to his friend at the bar. The friend said, "Did you know that 9 out of 10 women with brown eyes cheat on their husbands?"
    "No, I didn`t know that," The man replied...
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  • Anti Tetanus shot The old man in his mid-eighties struggles to get up from the couch then starts putting his coat on. His wife, seeing his unexpected behavior, asks, "And where do you think you are going?"
    He replies, "I`m off to the doctor...