At an Irish wedding, everyone got drunk. The bride's and groom's families wrecked the reception hall fighting with each other. The police had to break up the fighting.

    The next week, both families were in court.

    The judge asked, "All right now, what happened?"

    Paddy rose and said, "Judge, I was the best man. I should explain what happened."

    "Go ahead, Paddy. Take the stand."

    Paddy explained, "Per tradition, the best man got the first dance with the bride. After I finished my first dance, the music kept playing, so I danced a second song, and then the music kept going some more so I danced a third song. All of a sudden, the groom leapt over the table, ran to us, and gave the bride an unmerciful kick, right between her legs!"

    The shocked judge said, "By God, that must have hurt!"

    "Hurt?" replied Paddy, "He broke three of my fingers!"
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