"First," said the playboy, "I'm going to buy you a few drinks and get you a bit loose."

    "Oh no you're not," said the girl.

    "Then I'll take you to dinner and ply you with a few more drinks."

    "Oh no you're not."

    "Then I'll take you to my place and keep serving you drinks."

    "Oh no you're not."

    "Then I'm going to make violent, passionate love to you."

    "Oh no you're not."

    "And I'm not going to wear a condom either!" said the guy.

    "Oh yes you are!" said the girl.
  • Slip of The Tongue A wife goes on a retreat for work for a few days. When she returns and enters the house, she puts her things away and then goes to do some much needed laundry. Upon her entry to the room, however, she finds a pair of panties...
  • First Come, First Served A waitress walks up to one of her tables in a New York City restaurant and notices that the three Japanese businessmen seated there are furiously masturbating. She yells, "What the hell do you guys...
  • The Persistent Erection A guy walked into the doctor`s office for an appointment. "Would you like to tell me your problem?" the pretty receptionist asked.
    "I`ll need the information for the doctor...
  • Conceiving Issues? Two women were sitting in the doctor`s waiting room comparing notes on their various disorders.
    "I want a baby more than anything in the world," said the first, "but I guess it is impossible."
    "I used to feel just the same way...
  • Financial Crunch For his birthday, little Patrick asked for a 10-speed bicycle. His father said, "Son, we`d give you one, but the mortgage on this house is $80,000 and your mother just lost her job. There`s no way we can afford it...