The priest leaned closer to hear the girl's confession.

    "So me and my cousin were alone in the house," she continued, "and went up to my bedroom..."

    "Go on, my child," said the priest gently.

    "I lay down on the bed and Joe got on top of me and put his hand on my....on my..."

    "Go on."

    "On my pussy," stammered the girl, blushing behind the screen. "And touched me and touched me until I couldn't help myself."

    "Yes, go on," the priest directed.

    "I pulled down his pants and his cock popped out, stiff and tall," the girl went on, with a little whimper of shame, "and he began to shove it in me so hard..."

    "Yes, yes... Go on," he urged, breathing hard.

    "And then we heard the front door slam..."

    "Oh, shit!!"
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