Three cowboys, one from Texas, one from Kansas and one from Oklahoma went into a bar bragging about who was the baddest of the three.

    The Texan said watch this and yelled at the barmaid, "Hey, barmaid. Bring me a pitcher of beer and get your ass over here."

    When the barmaid got there the Texan guzzled down the whole pitcher, laid his hand on the table, whipped out his forty-five and shot off one of his fingers. She was startled.

    The cowboy from Kansas yelled out, "Hey, bitch bring me a beer with a shot of tequila and get your ass over here with it."

    Upon the barmaid getting there he drank the beer and tequila down, laid his hand on the table, whipped out his forty-five and shot off two fingers.

    The barmaid was terrified at this, especially after just witnessing the Texan.

    The Oklahoma cowboy spoke out and told the barmaid, "Honey, bring me a whole bottle of tequila and hurry".

    Upon her arrival, he drank the entire bottle of tequila, unzipped his pants and slams his dick on the table.

    The barmaid screamed "You aren't going to shoot that off are you?"

    "Hell no, I want you to kiss it. It will go off by itself."
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