Q: How do you tickle a Rich Girl?
    A: Gucci... Gucci... Gucci...

    Q: How does a Rich Girl Curse?
    A: Oh Teri Fendi!

    Q: How does a Rich Girl Sneeze?
    A: Jimmy Choo.. Jimmy Choo...

    Q: How does a rich girl laugh?
    A: Rolex on the floor laughing.

    Q: How do you serenade a Rich Girl?
    A: By singing her a romantic Cavalli?

    Q:How does a rich girl exclaim?
    A: Omega!

    Q: What does a rich girl do when she's bored watching TV?
    A: She changes the Chanel.

    Q: How to annoy rich girl on FB?
    A: Tag Heuer on your posts.

    Q: What do you call an absconding rich girl?
    A: Ferrari.

    Q: How to you address a rich girl?
    A: Oh my Dior...

    And for guys who are still confused, ask Tommy. Hilfiger it out.
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