About 30 years ago, a rich but old Punjabi woman had three sons-in-law. Each of them was better than the other in taking care of her and also, all of them respected the old lady very much.

    One day, without disclosing to anyone, the old woman wanted to know, who amongst them is the BEST and loved her the MOST. There are lot of canals in Punjab and this old lady one evening, organised a canal side party.

    In the middle of the party, she jumped into the canal.

    The eldest son-in-law without wasting much time, took of his watch and his clothes and jumped in the canal to save the old woman.

    She was mighty impressed and happy with him and hence, rewarded him with a brand new MARUTI 800. A price possession during those days.

    Everyone was quite happy and appreciative of her decision.

    After another two or three drinks session, she again jumped in the canal and this time the middle-one (son-in-law) lured by the earlier reward to the eldest, jumped immediately, even without taking off his clothes, in the canal and saved the old woman.

    Everyone including the old woman, was again quite happy and damn impressed with this guy. Generally the sons-in-law are greedy and this guy also being a bit greedy was scrupulously but anxiously waiting for the reward to be announced. To everyone's surprise, she announced and presented him with a "two wheeler" only.

    Now everyone was puzzled. Everyone was murmuring in the party, over the old woman's strange decision.

    In the meantime, she again jumped third time in the canal. But the youngest and the smartest one, this time didn't jump in the canal to save her thinking that MARUTI and two wheeler have already gone. She must have exhausted her money by now. So he may only get a BICYCLE at the most. The old woman is not worth saving in lieu of a BICYCLE, as a reward. Moreover, she has gone crazy over her decision making too.

    And hence, unfortunately.... the old woman DIED.

    Her last rites were carried out. After returning home from the crematorium, they all find a shining brand new MERCEDES, latest model, parked outside the house. And the agency guy, hands over the keys of the car to the youngest and the luckiest son-in-law.

    Now everyone was puzzled and thinking that although, the old woman gave MARUTI and two wheeler to her sons-in-law who SAVED her life yet, look at the destiny, after her death through the WILL, the LUCKIEST and the youngest guy is now getting a Mercedes for NOT SAVING her life. Any guesses why?

    No, the LUCKIEST one, got the MERCEDES from his "Punjabi Father-in-law" for his decision of NOT jumping into the canal and, in turn, inadvertently, returning to the poor old man, his Sweet BACHELORHOOD.
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