A doctor got a call from a very excited woman, "My son just swallowed the aspirins, what shall I do?"

    He replied, "Give him a headache, what else?"
  • The three soldiers..NOT the 3 wise men ! Three Soldiers had just gotten out of the Army and decided to celebrate by taking a helicopter ride.
    One of the soldiers is eating a banana and says, 'I wonder if we’d be able to see it land, if I threw the peel...
  • As a matter of fact! In his autobiography, 'Treasure in clay', Bishop Fulton Sheen tells of getting lost in Philadelphia on his way to a lecture at the Town Hall.
    'I stopped to ask a few boys...
  • Height of savings! On leaving his office and reaching the tram stop, Banta found that the tram bound for his home had just started moving. Banta in his anxiety, to get home fast, ran after the tram.
    In the course of time, it was found...
  • Santa`s padlock... Santa was coming home from a local liquor shop late at night. He lived alone and locked his house whenever he went out.
    As he neared his house, he took out his key to open the lock but he could not manage to put the key...
  • Sailor`s logic! A Captain asked a sailor, 'Where did your father die?'
    'He drowned at sea.'
    'And your grandfather?'
    'At sea...