Good Morning!

The angry wife met her husband at the door. There was alcohol on his breath and lipstick on his collar.
"I assume," she snarled, "that there is a very good reason for you to come waltzing in here at six o clock in the morning?"
"There is," he replied, "Breakfast."

More Universal Jokes

One night, Banta was walking home when a thief jumped on him all of a sudden. Banta and the thief had a terrific tussle. They rolled about on the ground, and Banta put up a tremendous fight until, at last...

In Canada Santa earned enough money to buy himself a brand new car. He drove out of the sales depot with an L-plate on the car. As the car zig-zagged down the main highway, a traffic cop picked him up, 'Why are you going from one side of the road to...

A lawyer and an engineer were fishing in the Caribbean.
The lawyer said, 'I`m here because my house burned down and everything I owned was destroyed by the fire. The insurance company paid for...

A man was seen walking in a drunkard manner, with anger written large on his face, wearing a pair of somewhat tight shoes. A Haryanavi passerby who happened to go that way, stopped and asked the man...


We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it.


'Dreamt' is the only word in the English language that ends with 'MT'.


If speed scares you, try Windows!