Santa: `Stop it! Stop it! Why are you beating the feet of the cows like that and making them jump up and down?
    Banta: I am trying to make a milk shake.`
  • Santa and Chemistry! Teacher: What is the scientific formula for water?
    Santa: H.I.J.K.L.M.N.O.Teacher....
  • Lip Service When Shabana Azmi greeted Nelson Mandela with a kiss, the following eulogy was written in praise of the act by Principal B.S. Bhatnagar of the Indian school A1 Ghubra, Sultanate of Oman.
  • Corrupt and foolish! The wives of two politicians(Santa & Banta) were having a bitter quarrel. `Your husband is corrupt and foolish. He was caught red-handed accepting the...
  • The Reason Why? A Traffic policeman signaled a speeding car driven by Banta to stop. He asked Banta: `Why were you driving so fast? You were going well beyond the allowed speed limit.`
  • About half past four! Santa goes to the doctor complaining of hearing loss.
    The doctor examines him and says he wants to fix the fellow with a new hearing aid. This is the finest hearing aid now being manufactured. I wear one myself, says the doctor.