Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Di, Di who?
    See, easily forgotten.

    What did Diana do in real life?
    Why did Diana die?
    Who cares?

    Poor Dodi Fayed! Uninteresting alive, Just barely when dead.

    We all know where Princess Di was buried, but where was Dodi buried?
    Who the f*ck cares?

    What was Diana’s last dessert dish?
    A: Turnover.

    Burger King is going to offer a Lady Di Combo: Egyptian sausage on an English muffin splattered with ketchup all over and a bottle of Perrier.

    Did you hear Pizza Hut is announcing a "Princess Di Meat lover’s Pizza"?
    It s made with two kinds of meat: Egyptian sausage and Welsh beaver.The princess used to like fish and chips but now she’s stuck on ribs.

    Diana’s name has been changed to... The Royalty formally known as Princess Di.

    What do you give to a princess who has everything?
    A: A safety belt and an airbag.

    What were Princess Diana’s last words?
    "Darn, I can`t auction this dress now!"
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