Blonde woman was driving her car home one night when she suddenly found herself in the middle of a really bad hailstorm. The hailstones were as big as golf balls, and her car got dented up really bad. The next day, she took her car into a repair shop to have the dents examined. The repairman, noticing that she was blonde and quite dingy when she spoke, decided to have some fun.
    He told her to blow into the tailpipe of the car really hard when she got home, as this would cause all of the dents to pop out.
    When she got home, she started blowing into the tailpipe as hard as she could over and over.
    Just then, her best friend, who also is blonde, showed up.
    Her friend saw her blowing into the tailpipe and was quite startled by the action.
    She blurted out flippantly, "What are you doing?"
    The first blonde told her the repairman had instructed her to blow into the tailpipe real hard so that the dents would pop out.
    Her girlfriend said, "Uh! You need to roll up the windows first!"
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