Two men started in a bar and then had a couple of drinks together.
    "Look", said one,"I want to treat you now, but I`ve no more money with me. I`ll just go back to my flat and gets some from my wife. Why don`t you amoe along.
    "Sure",said the other. The mans flat was just a few steps away, and they went up to the first floor. Inside it in full view, doors wide open` the man`s wife was in bed with another man. The acquaintance from the bar was shocked and embarrased, but the husband kept his cool.
    "Got some money?" he asked his wife.
    "Sure. Look in my purse. It`s over there on dresser."
    The husband did, found some, and motioning to his new friend led the way out back to the pub.
    "Two more of the same." He asked to the barkeeper.
    The second man was too amazed by what he`d seen to say a word.
    Finally he asked, "But what about the man in the bed?"
    "Oh, he can buy his own drink." said the husband
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