Standing at the edge of the lake, a man saw a woman flailing about in the deep water. Unable to swim, the man screamed for help. Banta ran up.
    The man said, "My wife is drowning and I can`t swim. Please save her. I`ll give you Rs 500."
    Banta dove into the water. In ten powerful strokes, he reached the woman, put his arm around her, and swam back to shore.
    Depositing her at the feet of the man, Banta said, "Okay, where`s my Five hundred?"
    The man said, "Look, when I saw her going down for the third time, I thought it was my wife. But this is my mother-in-law." Banta reached into his pocket and said, "Just my luck. How much do I owe you?"
  • Sharp memory Little Johnny walks into school one day to find a substitute in place of his regular teacher. She says, 'Hello Class, I`m Mrs. Prussy. When you say my name class, remember it has an 'r' after the first letter.'
    A few days later the regular teacher is still sick. When Little Johnny gets to his desk, the teacher asks him...
  • Confession !! A drunk was staggering down the main street of town. Somehow he managed to make it up the stairs to the cathedral and into the building, where he crashed from pew to pew, finally making his way to a side aisle and into a confessional.
    A priest had been observing the man`s sorry progress and figuring that the fellow was in need of some assistance, proceeded to...
  • The missed deal Santa and Banta are visting London for the first time. They see a sign reading, 'Suits Pound 15, Shirts Pound 2, Trousers Pound 3.'
    'Wow,' says Banta. 'we should snap up some of these bargains and sell them at a profit when we get home.'
    Santa agrees and...
  • Chicken farming ! One day our Santa decided he was going to give up the city life, move to the country, and become a chicken farmer. He found a nice, used chicken farm, which he bought. Turns out that his next door neighbour, Banta, was also a chicken farmer.
    Banta came for a visit one day and said...
  • Poor lawyer One day, a teacher, a garbage collector, and a lawyer all die and go to Heaven. St. Peter`s there, and when they get to the gate, St. Peter informs them that there will be a test to get into Heaven: they each have to answer one question.
    To the teacher, he says, 'What was the name of the ship that...