Santa is a store manager. One day he overheard a clerk saying to a customer, "No, ma`am, we haven`t had any for some weeks now, and it doesn`t look as if we`ll be getting any soon."
    Alarmed by what was being said, Santa rushed over to the customer who was walking out the door and said, "That isn`t true, ma`am. Of course, we`ll have some soon. In fact, we placed an order for it a couple of weeks ago."
    Then Santa drew the clerk aside and growled, "Never, never, never, never say we don`t have something. If we don`t have it, say we ordered it and it`s on its way. Now, what was it she wanted?"
  • For best results This blonde decides one day that she is sick and tired of all the blonde jokes and how all blondes are perceived as stupid, so she decides to show her husband that blondes really are smart. While her husband is off at work, she decides that she is going to paint a couple of rooms in the house.
    The next day, right after her husband leaves for work, she gets...
  • Polish remover !! One day, an immigrant from Poland entered a New York City Police Precinct to report that his American wife was planning to kill him.
    The police officer on duty was intrigued by this, and he asked, 'How sure are you that she is gonna kill you? Did she threaten to kill you?'
    'No,' replied the nervous immigrant.
    'Did you hear her...
  • The coolest one !! The coolest one !! There were three friends Santa, Banta and Jugnu in Shimla. Once, while they were at their local bar, they got to talking about how cold it was outside, and how cold their residences were. They could agree on everything but whose residence was the coldest, so they decided to determine who indeed had the coldest house.
    They went to Jugnu`s residence, where...
  • 4-letter words !! Banta and Preeto got married and left on their honeymoon. When they got back, Preeto immediately called her mother.
    Her mother asked, 'How was the honeymoon?'
    'Oh, mama,' she replied, 'the honeymoon was wonderful! So romantic...'
    Suddenly she burst out crying. 'But, mama, as soon as we returned Banta started...
  • Confession!! The new priest is nervous about hearing confessions, so he asks an older priest to sit in on his sessions.The new priest hears a couple confessions, then the old priest asks him to step out of the confessional for a few suggestions.
    The old priest suggests, 'Cross you arms over your chest, and rub your...