For three years, the young attorney had been taking his brief vacations at this country inn.
    The last time he'd finally managed an affair with the innkeeper's daughter. Looking forward to an exciting few days, he dragged his suitcase up the stairs of the inn, then stopped short. There sat his lover with an infant on her lap!
    "Julie, why didn’t you write when you learned you were pregnant?" he cried. "I would have rushed up here, we could have gotten married, and the baby would have my name!"
    "Well," she said, "when my folks found out about my condition, we sat up all night talkin' and talkin' and decided it would be better to have a bastard in the family than a lawyer."
  • Technically correct!!! A helicopter was flying above Seattle when an electrical malfunction disabled all of the aircraft's electronic navigation and communications equipment. Due to the clouds and haze, the pilot could not determine the helicopter's position and course to steer to the airport.
    The pilot saw a tall building...
  • Honking A lady was out driving her car and when she stopped at a red light, the car just died. It was a busy intersection, and the traffic behind her starting growing.
    The guy in the car directly behind her started honking his horn continuously as the lady...
  • Just confirming A guy phones a law firm and says, 'I want to speak to my lawyer.'
    The receptionist says, 'I’m sorry, but your lawyer died last week.'
    The next day the same guy phones the law firm and says, 'I want to speak to my lawyer.'
    Once again the receptionist replies, 'I’m sorry, but your lawyer died last...
  • That's a thought A man accused of robbing a bank was tried for the final time and was found guilty.
    Just before he was taken away, the man looked the judge in the eye and said, 'Would it be okay if I called you a...
  • Installing poles! A foreman sent out two groups of men to put up telephone poles along a new highway and asked them to report at the end of the day.
    The crews were gone all day and returned just as the sun was setting.
    The foreman asked the leader of the first group how many poles...